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Since 1974, Arizona Family Health Partnership (AFHP) has been a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to making reproductive healthcare and education available and accessible to all individuals in Arizona, particularly those lacking resources and traditionally reluctant to seek health care. AFHP helps coordinate the services funded by the federal Title X program and run by partner agencies in 11 of Arizona’s 15 counties.

Sexual & reproductive healthcare are essential services that can have the greatest impact on an individual's life, education, employment, income, family stability, and mental health. The topic of reproductive health and how to care for it is still widely contested, despite the concrete evidence that Title X services are highly impactful, effective and trusted for communities in need.

Additionally, we believe healthcare and social service providers play a key role in meeting the needs of adolescents and empowering them to establish lifelong health behaviors. The Arizona Family Health Partnership runs multiple initiatives focusing on adolescent health.

Mission: The Arizona Family Health Partnership provides, promotes and protects access to comprehensive quality reproductive healthcare services and education for all Arizonans, regardless of income, through its support and monitoring of regional healthcare providers.

Vision: Universal access to quality reproductive health care services.

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