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News Release Date
Cronkite News – STDs on the Rise in Arizona September 20, 2019
Article – Health Advocates Fear Planned Parenthood Funding Loss Could Worsen STD Crisis August 31, 2019
Press Release – Despite Diagnoses, Young People Are Leaving STIs Untreated August 30, 2019
Article – Clinics Are Facing an Impossible Choice Because of Trump’s ‘Gag Rule’ August 21, 2019
Interview with KJZZ – Other Providers ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ As Planned Parenthood Breaks From Title X August 21, 2019
Press Release – Despite New Rules Governing Title X, Reproductive Health Care Services Will be Available, Although More Difficult to Find August 19, 2019
Planned Parenthood May Lose Tens of Millions in Funding on Monday Thanks to The Trump Administration August 14, 2019
Arizona Capitol Times – 2017 Law to Defund Planned Parenthood Backfires June 7, 2019
Press Release – Arizona Family Health Partnership Applauds Judge’s Decision To Block “Gag Rule” Threatening Nation’s Family Planning Program April 26, 2019
Interview with iHeart Radio – April is STD Awareness Month… STDs on the Rise! April 25, 2019
Press Release – April is STD Awareness Month; Take Action to Mitigate STD Increases in Arizona, Nationwide April 8, 2019
Press Release – Arizona Family Health Partnership Receives Title X Family Planning Grant From Health and Human Services April 1, 2019
Article – States struggle to replace Planned Parenthood as Trump rules loom March 29, 2019
Press Release – International Women’s Day is a Time to Step Up and Advocate for Women’s Rights to Access Reproductive Healthcare March 5, 2019
Press Release – Valentine’s Day is also National Condom Day: A Chance to Promote Healthy Sexual Relationships February 8, 2019
News Release Date
Article – Health in Brief: STDs on the Rise in Arizona November 29, 2017
Article – AZ STDs: A Look at the Data November 14, 2017
Press Release – Sexually Transmitted Diseases Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis on the Rise in Arizona, Nationwide November 13, 2017
Op-Ed – American Teens Must Be Able to Make Informed Decisions About Sex November 9, 2017
Press Release – AFHP Wins Elsie Eyer Commitment to Underserved People Award from AZPHA October 10, 2017
Article – Birth-Control Advocates: Trump’s Policy Restricts Women, Not Religion October 10, 2017
Article – To Defund Planned Parenthood, Arizona Wants a Say in Residents’ Family Planning June 26, 2017
Press Release – AFHP Calls Health Care Repeal Bill Dangerous June 22, 2017
Press Release – Griswold v. Connecticut Supreme Court Ruling Affirming Family Planning Privacy, Rights to Use Contraception Celebrates 52 Years on June 7 May 31, 2017
Article – Planned Parenthood: A Day in the Life of a Real Employee May 22, 2017
Article – Arizona Family Health Partnership CEO Weighs In On Planned Parenthood Funds May 4, 2017
Article – Lawmakers Vote to Endanger Pregnant Women May 4, 2017
Article – Arizona Republicans Just Launched a Last-Minute Attack on Planned Parenthood May 3, 2017
Article – Arizona Republicans Launch Stealth Attack on Planned Parenthood Funding May 3, 2017
Article – Arizona Budget Could End Planned Parenthood Funding May 3, 2017
Article – Arizona Budget Proposal Includes Hit on Planned Parenthood May 3, 2017
Article – State Budget Could Jeopardize Millions of Federal Dollars for Planned Parenthood May 3, 2017
Op-Ed – Why We Need to Pay for Family Planning and Health Care Services May 2, 2017
Article – Flagstaff Planned Parenthood Likely Safe from Trump’s Title X Law Changes April 23, 2017
Letter to the Editor – Why Family Planning Deserves Funding April 19, 2017
Article – Trump Targets Planned Parenthood with Act, Little Arizona Change Likely April 13, 2017
Article – Abortion Bill Signed by President Donald Trump Won’t Affect Arizona April 13, 2017
Article – Here’s How John McCain and Jeff Flake’s Votes Could End Up Screwing Over 30,000 Arizona Women April 3, 2017
Op Ed – Viewpoints: Birth control and abortion aren’t just social issues March 4, 2017
Article – Sen. Joni Ernst Puts Planned Parenthood – and Access to Birth Control – on the Chopping Block February 10, 2017
Press Release – Leading National Strategist, Pollster, Researcher Celinda Lake to Address the Impact of Poverty on Reproductive Healthcare February 3, 2017
Radio Interview – What Will Repeal Of Obamacare Mean For Women In Arizona? January 18, 2017
News Release Date
Interview – Arizona Urban Counties Have Biggest Drop In Teen Birth Rates December 5, 2016
Article – Spike in Demand for Long-Acting Birth Control Strains Clinic Budgets November 23, 2016
Article – Arizona Sees Large Decline in Birth Rates Among Teenagers November 21, 2016
Article – Report: Teen Birth Rates are Down in Arizona November 19, 2016
Press Release – Arizona Among States with Largest Decline in Birth Rates Among Teenagers November 18, 2016
Article – Arizona Family Health Partnership Gets Zika Prevention Grant September 20, 2016
Article – Valley Health Group Buys 270,000 Condoms, Trains Providers To Prevent Zika Spread September 20, 2016
Press Release – Arizona Family Health Partnership Received $249,000 Grant To Provide Zika-Prevention Training for Quality Reproductive Health September 19, 2016
Press Release – Study Shows Decline in Teen Pregnancy Tied to Increased Use and Effectiveness of Contraceptives September 2, 2016
Press Release – Yep, There Are Event Apps for Women to Get and Monitor Their Contraceptives and Remind Them to Take Their Birth Control Pills August 11, 2016
Article – AFHP Funding to Utah Navajo Health System to Add Reproductive Health Services August 4, 2016
Press Release – AFHP Funding to Utah Navajo Health System Will Bring Reproductive Health Services to Navajo Nation, Southeastern Utah August 2, 2016
Radio Interview – Valley Views Arizona Family Health Partnership June 17, 2016
Press Release – Arizona Family Health Partnership Board Elects 3 New Members May 16, 2016
Press Release –®: 1-Stop Website for Teens, Parents to Find Information About Birth Control Methods, Health Centers Statewide Now Up and Running April 21, 2016
Press Release – Arizona Family Health Partnership Receives $4.8 Million to Administer Arizona’s Title X Federal Family Planning Program April 13, 2016
Press Release – Arizona Family Planning Services Prevented 6,750 Unintended Pregnancies in 2015; All Services Saved the State $56 Million March 30, 2016
News Release Date
Op-Ed – Congress Needs a Reality Check December 29, 2015
Article – Access to Women’s Health Care a "Political Conversation" September 21, 2015
Article – Defund Group that Provides Contraception for 2.5M Women and Watch Abortion Rate Rise September 3, 2015
Press Release – Study Shows Mothers in U.S. Typically Space Pregnancies 2.5 Years Apart, One-Third Space Pregnancies Too Close August 5, 2015
Press Release – House Subcommittee Votes to End Proven, Critical Title X Funded Programs That Eliminate Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, Reduce Abortion, Save Tax Dollars June 19, 2015
Press Release – Griswold Anniversary June 9, 2015
Press Release – ACA Clarification May 28, 2015
Press Release – April is STD/Family Planning Awareness Month April 2, 2015
Press Release – New Research Shows Improving Access, Education About Family Planning Could Improve a Child’s Life Chances March 27, 2015
Article – Proposed Bill Aimed at Preventing Abortion Coverage March 26, 2015
Press Release – Family Planning Services Prevented 6,800 Unintended Pregnancies in Arizona in 2014 March 23, 2015
Article – Reproductive Health Services in Coconino County March 23, 2015
Press Release – Arizona Family Health Partnership Awards $2.7 Million in Title X Funding to 6 Agencies Serving 35,000 Low-Income Clients in 8 Arizona Counties March 3, 2015
Press Release – Arizona Family Health Partnership Clinics Now Providing Healthcare, Family Planning to Navajo Nation February 2, 2015
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