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The Arizona Alliance for Adolescent Health (AzAAH) is in the process of creating a website healthyazyouth.org that will bring together further information and resources useful to the Alliance's goals. Expected launch is Fall/Winter 2022.

AzAAH envisions individuals working with youth having enhanced opportunities for strategic and collective action that have a lasting impact on adolescent's health and wellbeing.

AzAAH works on improvements to cross-sectoral collaboration between healthcare as well as social service institutions and providers in Arizona in order to enhance access, health equity, and service quality for adolescents. The professionals in the AzAAH are dedicated to identifying strategies and opportunities for systemic change that will mitigate the disparities currently experienced by adolescents.

We are thrilled to announce the publication of The Well Visit: A Teen Guide 

This document was created by the AzAAH in collaboration with two youth councils, multiple medical providers and youth-serving professionals. This informative, online guide details the ins-and-outs of a well visit, to ensure a positive healthcare experience for young people. Printed versions of the document are available.

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Arizona Alliance for Adolescent Health

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