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The Arizona legislature is voting tomorrow on a last-minute measure requiring the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) to apply to become a Title X grantee in Arizona.

While we’re not sure what led to this last-minute effort to push HB2542 through, the fact is the competition for the Title X grant has always been open to eligible government or non-profit entities, and ADHS has chosen not to apply.  If this passes, they will have to.

What’s even more ironic is that Arizona is one of only a few states in the nation that does NOT allocate any funding for reproductive health services which is what Title X is all about.

Even so, we’re confident that Arizona Family Health Partnership (AFHP) will be selected to continue managing and monitoring the grant as we have done since 1983, ten years after we first began doing this type of work.

But, we need your support and your voice in encouraging your legislators to vote against HB2542.

Should ADHS apply and receive the grant, here are the challenges they’ll face.

  • Developing, implementing and managing a program based on very specific Federal guidelines that take time and resources.
  • Because of already being short-staffed and under a hiring freeze, not having the existing resources to monitor a very rigorous grant.
  • Starting from Ground Zero as opposed to AFHP’s 40 years of experience in this very complicated, nuanced area.
  • Dedicating the time and resources to learn and understand a very sensitive and complex subject and then ensuring that all requirements are met.

On the other hand, AFHP:

  • is a proven, highly reputable, 40-plus year old non-profit 501(c)3 that has competed for and been awarded the grant based on superior performance, clinical expertise and outstanding grant management and monitoring since 1983.
  • has a fully experienced, diverse staff dedicated to only this responsibility.
  • has demonstrated the flexibility to react quickly, efficiently and effectively to needs and issues that arise as evidenced by its recent statewide Zika prevention and education program.
  • has been called upon by ADHS to provide technical assistance on birth control methods, counseling and education, and chlamydia screening and testing.

Compounding and complicating the potential for ADHS as a grantee is that, as a state agency, ADHS would have to adhere to restrictions presented by ARS 35-195.05, passed in 2012, outlining who can receive funding from a state agency.  Planned Parenthood is restricted from receiving that funding and has been a trusted provider and steward of Title X funding since the program’s inception in 1974.

It is critical that you contact your legislator and urge them to vote NO on HB2542.  The 35,000 at-risk women, men and young adults in Arizona who receive Title X services are counting on you and on us.

To find your legislative district, click here. To contact your representative, click here.


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